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RUEGER Manufacturing Ranges:

  1. Pressure Gauge – Pressure Gauge, Differential Pressure Gauge, Vacuum Pressure Gauge, Pressure Gauge with Diaphragm Seal and Pressure Gauge with Contacts.
  2. Temperature Gauge – Bimetallic Thermometers, Gas Thermometers, HVAC Temperature Gauges, Temperature Gauges with Thermowell and Temperature Gauge with Contacts.
  3. Temperature Element – RTD, Thermocouple, Skin Temperature, Temperature Multipoint Sensors, Extra Low Temperature, Reactable Temperature Sensors.
  4. Temperature Element – Welding type, Bar Stock type, Custom, etc.
  5. Accessories – Snubber, Overrange Protector, Syphon, Manifold,Instrument
    Valve, etc.

GASTRON – Gas Detector Instrument and Systems:

  1. Fixed type Multi Gas Detector
  2. Gas Sampling Monitoring System
  3. Fixed type VOC Gas Detector
  4. Fixed type Infrared Gas Detector
  5. Fixed type Flammable Gas Detector
  6. Fixed type Oxygen & Toxic Gas Detector
  7. Gas Detector Receiver
  8. Portable Gas Detector
  9. Flame Detector
  10. Alarm Signaling / Manual Call Point
  11. Calibration Gas


TRIMOD BESTA – Level Switches


TIAN MIN – Level Measurement and Control

  1. Magnetic Float Level Indicators,
  2. Level Sensors / Transmitters
  3. Float Switches



  1. Hart Communicator
  2. Pressure / Temperature Calibrato


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